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Waqas Nasir Photography Services Include


Wedding Photography

Wedding is the most awaited and memorable day is a person’s life that everyone wants to remember forever and want to freeze each and every moment of that day. Wedding photography is the best way to immortalize your special day. When it comes to wedding photography it is important to chose the best wedding photographer for your unique wedding event. You only get one chance (hopefully) of capturing your wedding day, so it is wise to employ a professional wedding photographer for this important task and here I, as professional wedding photographer in Qatar, to capture each and every single detail and moment of your Big Day.
Photographers are individuals just like everyone else having their unique styles and presentation. I as a Wedding Photographer in Doha Qatar is available to provide you with the best wedding photography packages that you can easily afford.  Whether it is Muslim Wedding or Christian Wedding, we have experience of all types of weddings. Being from the Asian origin, my specialty is also Asian Weddings (Indian &  Pakistani weddings)

Do you want to look back fondly a remember just how great your wedding was, how happy all of your family and friends were or will you look back regretfully having wished you hired an experienced, professional photographer. What you are waiting for, you have reached the right website, so just pick your phone and give me a call.


Bride Groom Photo Session

Wedding is a special relationship and whether the couple is newly wed or married since years, this bond of love grows with every passing day.  It is a tradition now to do an exclusive bride and groom photo shoot after the wedding to preserve the youthful looks and romance between the newly wed and the cherish moments of unity and pride.  Doing the bride groom photo shoot is very technical as every picture should depict love and sensuality.  If you are a newly wed couple or you have been together since decades, you can freeze the love between yourself by having a photo shoot for yourself.  Do remember to call for Bride Groom Photo Shoot in Qatar to me to get an appointment at affordable rates and pleasing environment.  Studio photo shoot and on location photography services both are available.


Fashion Photography

A fashion photograph is, simply, a photograph made specifically to show beauty and glamour.

Fashion Photography is one of the most colorful, vivid, vibrant and exhilarating areas of professional photography. Though only a few top photographers live up to the glamorous image of flying around the world, exotic locations, glamorous  models and creative shoots as such ventures often require cultural and religious liberty that may or may not be available to all.  Fashion Photography is continuously in demand across the industry for originality and innovation as after all glamorous models play an important role in marketing of products and selling the services that the industries and corporations always require. Photographers who understand latest fashion trends, marketing demands and looks can deliver striking images that sell the look and style of the clothes etc are much in demand and can command considerable fees.

Whether you are a wannabe model looking for modeling opportunities and seeking someone to capture your personal profile fashion portfolio photo shoot or just an amateur enthusiast  wants to have fashion shoots for personal collection and to share with friends on facebook. Whether you are from a Manufacturing Industry looking to shoot clothing on glamorous models to showcase your brand or a Marketing agency looking for someone to provide the professional studio photography for branding, I as a Fashion Photographer in Doha Qatar is available to offer my professional fashion and glamour photography skills and services at affordable rates.


Newborn Babies Children Photography

Being a first time Father of my little boy, now 3, I know how important it is to capture those precious moments you forget over time. It was so important to me to make sure I did a photo shoot of him at least every week, and now, I am so glad I can recall every phase of his growth and development and every phase is so precious and enjoyable.

I have developed a great passion for Newborn photography after having my first child. Your baby is the most precious gift of God in your life. Your newborn comes and changes the whole world. Freshly born babies are unique. Unique to themselves but also unique in that the period of newborn is so very very tiny. In the first year babies go from lovely little lumps to crawling, smiling, drooling, eating, babbling, opinionated little creatures. That’s incredible. Baby images are irreplaceable. Within weeks (never mind months or a year!) a new baby has transformed several times over. It’s difficult to remember what your 3 week old looked like before their eyes were open and gazing up at us regularly, before your 4 month old smiled at you just for coming close, before your one year old was decorating their hair with mashed food.
This is why professional newborn photography is important. To help you remember the wonder of those first weeks to the first year and then years after years when your babies turn into toddlers and then kids.

If you are looking for Newborn Babies & Children photographer in Doha Qatar than you have come to the right place, dont waste time, call me and take appointment for a lovely and memorable photo session for your Babies and Children.  Newborn Babies and Children Photography is my specialty and I enjoy all the people I meet, their babies and children and the people I work with and having that wonderful relationship between me and my clients and seeing all the children grow up. Expecting mothers can even come for the bulging bellies Pregnancy Photo Shoot to preserve that memorable time with the belly bump.


Corporate Photography

Corporate photography are of utmost importance for every organization. Corporate photography in one way or the other plays a fundamental role in the success of a company and helps the company owners in many ways. That importance of corporate photography to your business is quite diverse. It can be a corporate event’s photo shoot, it can be Product Photography , Industry Photography,  plant sites and manufacturing units and Architectural Photography.  Corporate Photography may be for brand identity development, or mass announcements and addressing, and simply coverage of annual business meeting.  It can be products pictures on websites or corporate brochures,  flyers or other commercial branding.

Corporations whether new or established businesses needs photography for marketing of products and services. A reputed professional corporate photographer helps in presenting the company in a constructive light through good pictures in print media advertisements and company brochures.  If you are an individual entrepreneur or representing a fortune 500 company, looking for a Corporate Photographer in Qatar, then you are on the right website.  We are just a call away to serve your corporate build an identity and to develop a long term mutually beneficial relationship. We also offer Corporate Portraits for Company Employees and Executives.  We have portable studio setup as well to do on location photography at the corporate premises.


Advertisement Commercial Photography

The commercial photography is very important for any business. If done by a professional commercial photographer such photography can definitely give a face lift to your business.
Only a professional photographer can provide the fine details that Advertisement and Commercial Photography require.  Details product photographs with fine details is very important because the same image may be used for multi-purposes such as to insert in the brochures, for advertisement and uploading on the websites.
The competition has increased the importance of commercial photography. Because now every business unit wants to stand out of the crowd. By showcasing your products/services and specialty with the help of the professional photography you can stand apart from other in your competition. If you are looking for a Professional Advertisement Commercial Photographer in Qatar, you have come to the right place,  We have years of experience in Advertisement Commercial Photography from table top Product Photography to Food & Beverage Photography, we have setup for everything.  In the past we have done product shoots for products as big as 4×4 SUV in our studio.  Please contact us and discuss the options of commercial photography with us and we will help you promote your brand not only through creative professional photography but also through internet and social media marketing campaigns.


Event photography

Event Photography is very challenging as unlike studio or commercial photography where professional photographers deal with known lighting conditions, Event photography is always a mystery till the photographer reach the venue to shoot the event.  Event Photography is also challenging because of ever changing lighting conditions from brightly lit indoors to dark outdoors and dynamic scenes requiring wide angle shots to suddenly requiring a 200mm zoom to capture the delicate moment happening at a distance.  Only a well trained, professional, sharp and agile photographer can take noise free sharp images in such diverse shooting conditions.

We cover all types of events including Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography, Children Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Annual Dinners, Seminars, Workshops etc.  We are always equipped with state of the art photography equipment with multiple cameras having multiple lenses to cover the dynamics of the events with both strobes and on camera flashes.

If you are looking for Event Photographer in Doha Qatar, you have come to the right photographer. Contact us to discuss the event and our event photography rates and services.


Portrait Photography / Family Groups

We have complete studio setup for any kind of portraiture photography in studio and outdoor location portraits.

Portraiture is very interesting aspect of photography and needs very good eye and understanding of lighting whether studio or natural light.

Portraits can be individual, high school seniors, corporate portraits, wedding portraits or family portraits.   Family portraits are very important and unfortunately people don’t give them much importance.  When the parents grow old, it is the family group portraits that remind them of their children who at that times are settled in different parts of the world. I know many people who have expressed to me the regrets of having just not gotten around to family portraits, only to have something happen that makes it impossible to ever capture the family as it existed.

How sad that these families don’t have wonderful, storytelling, memory evoking family portraits at different times in their lives as their children grew. We as professional Portrait photographer in Qatar certainly can freeze for all time the wonderful memories of each of these times in your life. We can provide a constant presence of each of those you love even if you’re separated by thousands of miles away.

We can do Family Portraits,  Individual Portraits,  Pets Photography, Classic Vintage Look Portraits,  High School Senior Portraits,  Corporate Portraits, Children Portraits etc.



I offer the above mentioned photography services mostly in Doha Qatar but I can provide the photography services in the nearby cities by Doha as well i.e. Al Wakrah, Umm Said, Ar Rayyan, Al Khor etc